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MiaPlateau Mar 30, 3:12 PM

• Take partial position to take advantage of liquidity stock price spike. • Look for new highs with gigantic breakout with bigger volume.

KStanger Apr 09, 5:51 PM

GIGANTIC breakouts with BIG volume!!! Good Lesson!

Mjason May 25, 11:21 PM

good lesson, Tim. some important points to remember.

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MiaPlateau Mar 30, 5:09 PM

• Respike often don’t do as much to the initial spike, plus on Fridays it is utilize as a short squeeze. • Friday morning Stocks can spike and spike again. • GBR, PED – Morning Spiker

Jules222 Mar 31, 3:59 PM

I understand!!!!! Thank You!!!

KStanger Apr 04, 1:37 AM

Got it! Thanks Tim!!!

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Thank you so much Tim. I am your new student. I just followed your direction and made $ 600.

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$1,040 profit PED Long Stock by timothysykes

Entry comments: This recent Supernova is spiking fast today, could have continuation again as shorts get scared/take profits, goal is to make 10-20%, could be fast too

Exit comments: Whew, what a rush, got a nearly $1,000 profit, not gonna risk it as it seems to have trouble at 2.90

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jbmarion4 Jun 29, 18 9:55 AM

Nice. I'm traveling. Wish I knew how to trade the fast moving ones with a cell phone.

Soozep Jun 29, 18 10:09 AM

Well, just got my feet wet with PED. Only made about $9 as I got in late but a small win is ok since I only bought 100. Have a great day!

C3p0 Jun 30, 18 9:24 AM

Good trade

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CrazyWillows Oct 16, 18 1:32 AM

Thanks Mark.. You want to be in early as possible, front side of the move always, always keep an eye on key support area when the stock is spiking... Don't chase big percent gainers 3 days into the move..

skatermdw Nov 28, 18 10:48 PM

Thank You Mark, great lesson as always...

TurtleTrader Jan 29, 2:30 PM

Thank you again for the focused lesson Mark!

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