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AshWild Sep 11, 5:51 PM

I get it Tim. Thank you.

LHowell Sep 14, 8:12 PM

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Even if the you get away with not following rules now, it will eventually bite you later and it will likely be bigger and hurt more...I'll take a puppy nip over a dog bite any day.

AZAST Sep 17, 7:14 PM

Cutting loses quickly is always the way to go when the stock does not go as planned. Have a plan and follow it, if I am wrong, then get out!

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piscott0306 Aug 11, 10:34 AM

Very good lesson on dip buying.

trader1701 Sep 08, 9:33 AM

Awesome lesson on technicals. Learned a lot. Will keep grinding!

LHowell Sep 14, 8:43 PM

Though I wasn't around for this one in real time, I really enjoy the Pre-Market Video Lessons in general, they are a great way to highlight potential plays to watch for the morning. As a review tool now, it helps to know your history, these tickers can and do come into play again!

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Blackbright Mar 09, 8:04 AM

First of thank you Mark for a great webinar! 
repetition, repetition – only look to play the most ideal setups that have all of the CVC criteria’s lined up. ALWAYS look at the 1,2,3 and even 4year chart to get a better sense of where the support and resistance areas are, also make sure that you check every other timeframe that can be of value as well. The fundamentals with penny stocks are often very irrelevant, since it’s not a long term investment, we trade the price action not the company.

ZiggysMom Apr 26, 11:26 AM

Noting to focus on obvious patterns like 1st green days, focus on volatile play, keep recent runners on my watch list, pay attention to the sector - commodities are not good sectors,

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P70KCJ Aug 28, 2:18 PM

@timothysykes I love the PDT "being in a prison" analogy. Im gonna use that while i try to build my account to 25k. Don't go for the big run to the wall escape and get "sniper shot". Just trade small, brick by brick and dig yourself out slowly in small stages. Learning along the way so you don't get caught by the guard "the market". Ps I loved prison break the tv show as you can tell. lol. keep learning, keep progressing!!!

AshWild Sep 09, 1:49 PM

I will be meticulous! Thank you for being so transparent and honest. That's a very rare and good trait. Much appreciated. I learn invaluable lessons from your losses that you share.

LizLele Sep 16, 1:16 AM

I will be meticulous! Thanks Tim!

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LHowell Sep 06, 1:46 PM

Another great lesson and I love your shout out to Pennystocking and rewatch, so true...important to see the variations of these patterns...these superbowl types plays don't come around too often, but when they do, you'll miss them if you are not adequately prepared.

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Nice start to my new small TD Ameritrade account, in at 5.45 out .68, will upload trade as soon as verified is available. Tim alerted the challenge chat with the following: 11:33AMTimChallenge timothysykes [Commentary] POTN bigtime morning panic, potential dip buy here in the mid .50s I noticed the support in the .50s range and grabbed small positions in my IB and new TDAmeritrade accounts, better hold in TDA account, but nice gain for both and help to seeing entry/exit on support/resistance to trade more comfortably and enjoyably. Set risk at .45 and let it sail along for a while.

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