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March Feb 26, 9:46 AM

thanks Mark.

Karlsson_Papertrade Mar 09, 8:04 AM

First of thank you Mark for a great webinar! 
repetition, repetition – only look to play the most ideal setups that have all of the CVC criteria’s lined up. ALWAYS look at the 1,2,3 and even 4year chart to get a better sense of where the support and resistance areas are, also make sure that you check every other timeframe that can be of value as well. The fundamentals with penny stocks are often very irrelevant, since it’s not a long term investment, we trade the price action not the company.

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Nice start to my new small TD Ameritrade account, in at 5.45 out .68, will upload trade as soon as verified is available. Tim alerted the challenge chat with the following: 11:33AMTimChallenge timothysykes [Commentary] POTN bigtime morning panic, potential dip buy here in the mid .50s I noticed the support in the .50s range and grabbed small positions in my IB and new TDAmeritrade accounts, better hold in TDA account, but nice gain for both and help to seeing entry/exit on support/resistance to trade more comfortably and enjoyably. Set risk at .45 and let it sail along for a while.

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Karlsson_Papertrade Feb 26, 3:17 PM

There are no such things as mistakes, just valuable lessons, but they are only valuable if you review them and look to improve from them. Also remember to be a hard-working distance runner and focusing on that next hill rather than being a talented sprinter that wants to win the Olympic games next month.

thomasfrontera Apr 12, 8:34 PM

Grow your account exponentially, don't focus on $ amount but rather the process, thanks Tim

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Karlsson_Papertrade Feb 28, 4:29 AM

Remember that it’s the market and the stock that you are watching that is deciding which way it’s going to go, not you. Therefore, you should have great respect for the market. One of the greatest indicators to make sure that you are aware of what the sector is doing is by tracking sector leaders. And why it’s so important to be in sync with the sector is because it will help you to make decisions on how to treat individual stocks within the sector since ¾ stocks follow the overall market.

thomasfrontera Apr 11, 11:01 PM

Same sector stocks play follow the leader! Always a great explanation Mark, thanks.

MThoms Apr 18, 12:15 PM

Follow sector leaders,

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