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CrazyWillows Sep 23, 19 12:46 AM

Focus on the process, if your thesis does not work out and the trade is not doing what you want then just get out because either the market has changed or your thesis was wrong. If you focus on the process and not the money you will make the right decisions. Thanks Tim, pays to go over lessons again and again when learning the process.

CamDole Jan 24, 9:44 PM

I get it and understand. It is amazing how many times in your DVDs and interviews with other traders, all of their big losses come from not cutting losses or not getting out when it goes against their plans. If a stock rebounds and does what I wanted origionally, it was MY mistake on the entry. Like you said too, you can always buy back in.

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Blackbright Mar 09, 18 8:04 AM

First of thank you Mark for a great webinar! 
repetition, repetition – only look to play the most ideal setups that have all of the CVC criteria’s lined up. ALWAYS look at the 1,2,3 and even 4year chart to get a better sense of where the support and resistance areas are, also make sure that you check every other timeframe that can be of value as well. The fundamentals with penny stocks are often very irrelevant, since it’s not a long term investment, we trade the price action not the company.

ZiggysMom Apr 26, 18 11:26 AM

Noting to focus on obvious patterns like 1st green days, focus on volatile play, keep recent runners on my watch list, pay attention to the sector - commodities are not good sectors,

01_Eugene_Flores_Orlando May 13, 18 3:27 PM

Thank you Mark C really learning a lot from your webinars and your trip of thought

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TonyG1 Jun 22, 19 12:03 PM

Patterns repeat themselves over and over again...tks Mark!

CrazyWillows Oct 05, 19 12:45 PM

Brilliant lesson, thanks Mark, thanks Tim, I know understand where to apply the framework, cannot believe I did not see this earlier... insane!!!

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