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ZachR Oct 29, 6:00 PM

Fantastic thanks Tim L

aleon Oct 30, 4:14 AM

Thanks Tim for the great lesson and other resources your provided.

RockRobster Nov 01, 2:00 PM

If you want to hide your size with Etrade you can choose ARCA or NSDQ BUT I would definitely NOT use NSDQ during after hours from my experience so I think that ARCA is the best option. Also, with Etrade you have to be buying/selling at least 1,000 shares AND you can only sell in increments of 100 shares. For more information click on the ? in the top right corner of the Order Entry box and do a search for 'Place a reserve order'.

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LHowell Sep 14, 8:43 PM

Though I wasn't around for this one in real time, I really enjoy the Pre-Market Video Lessons in general, they are a great way to highlight potential plays to watch for the morning. As a review tool now, it helps to know your history, these tickers can and do come into play again!

JessAaron25 Oct 01, 10:38 PM

Some good info in this video, thanks Tim

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Blackbright Mar 09, 8:04 AM

First of thank you Mark for a great webinar! 
repetition, repetition – only look to play the most ideal setups that have all of the CVC criteria’s lined up. ALWAYS look at the 1,2,3 and even 4year chart to get a better sense of where the support and resistance areas are, also make sure that you check every other timeframe that can be of value as well. The fundamentals with penny stocks are often very irrelevant, since it’s not a long term investment, we trade the price action not the company.

ZiggysMom Apr 26, 11:26 AM

Noting to focus on obvious patterns like 1st green days, focus on volatile play, keep recent runners on my watch list, pay attention to the sector - commodities are not good sectors,

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CrazyWillows Nov 26, 11:47 PM

don't be a caveman... adapt when the a stock shows signs of topping and watch for bottoming and holding support for a better entry of a dip buy on plays like these.

skatermdw Dec 01, 11:17 PM

Thank You Tim, I am not a caveman...

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