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JonathanIParra Aug 27, 19 8:02 PM

be prepared and categorized only in hot sectors , and you missed a nice short on aveo but good stuff

dumbtrades Jun 18, 3:52 AM

always categorize the hot sector and realize how it can run

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[TimAlerts] wow starting the week getting smashed... down -$400 for the day :( ZFGN XGTI RWLK $OREX only play i gained on was $ETRM. too many trades and not cutting losses quick enough...


[TimAlerts] RWLK @ 2.85 If it can break 2.9 i think it will go news is weak but good product


[TimAlerts] RWLK I bought over the weekend, I used the trader checklist SSS and it scored 70.

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[TimAlerts] What would you be doing if you still had your RWLK position now?

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