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JackSkellington Jul 01, 20 9:40 PM

Thanks for not giving up on us slow learners. lol. Keep the knowledge coming.

dumbtrades Aug 12, 20 12:36 AM

being obsessive and studying is the key to success

mitnick2 Feb 24, 22 2:03 AM

@timothysykes this is an awesome awesome webinar. A lot of excellent information right to the point. Thank you.

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sanchezr0703 Jul 08, 20 9:26 PM

Horrible simply horrible supernovas SINT NXTD SOLO

playintheodds Jul 18, 20 10:30 AM

Usually stay away from stocks that have done an offering, but depending on the market environment and sector sometimes these stock still have legs. Remember 3/4 of stocks follow the market

stocktrader_12315 Feb 24, 7:19 PM

Feb 2024: become a master of the reality not wishful thinking

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User_1610 Feb 12, 23 12:44 PM

Watching And Analyzing!

brandonkoy Aug 14, 23 7:54 PM

oh, I like safe trades. I'm always thinking about risk reward. It's not about big profits. It's about how much you put into the trade how much you risk is if the trade went according to plan I can adjust my plan.

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MoeBwonKinobi Feb 15, 22 2:47 PM

If you trade scared, trading isn’t scary! And it’s cheaper too!

oswald Jul 22, 22 12:25 AM

Don't hold and hope, cut losses quickly, if you trade scared trading isn't scary!!! Thanks Tim!!!

User_1610 Feb 20, 23 1:14 AM

Watching And Analyzing!

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