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JackSkellington Jul 01, 20 9:40 PM

Thanks for not giving up on us slow learners. lol. Keep the knowledge coming.

dumbtrades Aug 12, 20 12:36 AM

being obsessive and studying is the key to success

mitnick2 Feb 24, 22 2:03 AM

@timothysykes this is an awesome awesome webinar. A lot of excellent information right to the point. Thank you.

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Omerq86 Jun 29, 20 2:21 PM

Where the supernova stocks

sanchezr0703 Jul 08, 20 9:26 PM

Horrible simply horrible supernovas SINT NXTD SOLO

playintheodds Jul 18, 20 10:30 AM

Usually stay away from stocks that have done an offering, but depending on the market environment and sector sometimes these stock still have legs. Remember 3/4 of stocks follow the market

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MoeBwonKinobi Feb 15, 22 2:47 PM

If you trade scared, trading isn’t scary! And it’s cheaper too!

oswald Jul 22, 22 12:25 AM

Don't hold and hope, cut losses quickly, if you trade scared trading isn't scary!!! Thanks Tim!!!

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