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jakemcg36 Apr 21, 9:04 PM

Thanks for the video! Just wondering, you wanted to get in at 1.72 but why not 1.68? That consolidation held longer there and it would've given you a higher ceiling. Was it just because volume picked up there or did you feel like it was a better entry level given it found support around there after coming off its highs earlier that day

KrazyKarl Apr 27, 9:19 AM

Thanks Ellis. Helps me with some thoughts on ABML now.

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Aquazul Mar 01, 12:39 AM

This is a very informative breakdown on risk / reward, reasons for use and how to implement it. Thanks Jack.

iShort Mar 12, 10:32 PM

I feel like this is something I really needed to hear!!!!!!!!!

JackSkellington Apr 02, 4:06 PM

I'll definitely be watching this repeatedly. Straight to the point which I appreciate.

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Rak Oct 24, 20 12:01 AM

You want to focus on the stocks that holds near its highs The stocks that look the cleanest are the ones that are going to work, not the ones that are super ugly Avoid charts that fakes red ever day. Focus on clean charts. Thanks @Jackaroo

Rhin0 Feb 28, 12:28 PM

Thanks for the video. I really enjoy them, very clear and concise.

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