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tayhaoxia Mar 10, 4:04 AM

i appreciate all the idiots

timcobra Mar 22, 8:48 AM

Thanks Tim, I will be ready ahead of time for potential plays

10xtrader Mar 28, 3:09 PM

Trying not to be the idiot jackal, going to give that job away to someone else. If you miss a play just have patience for the next one don't go on tilt and be a jackal.

Outdoorchick Mar 31, 3:59 PM

Thanks Tim I hope not to be one of those idiots we love.

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INRosales13 Oct 10, 19 12:15 AM

Bad sushi charts can run on big volume

tayhaoxia Mar 10, 4:17 AM

bad sushi charts can become the best potential set ups as they allow you to see that with the greatest indicator volume it can run

Outdoorchick Mar 31, 3:45 PM

Bad sushi can be ideal when the volume is massive. Thanks Mark

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