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Kingsalini Oct 07, 20 6:51 PM

Appreciate you my G you've been right on time for me more than once #TheSquidad BEST TEAM MOVING!!

Hillbilly Oct 08, 20 11:16 AM

Wow! Fantastic explanation of how to be a successful trader! I appreciate how you identify the differences between how traders might think and how you think personally. I love the description of what you are specifically paying attention to at different times, it helps those of us learning the process! THANK YOU!

mitnick2 Jan 09, 2:19 AM

A lot of great and useful information. Thanks Huddie. Looking for more webbies from you.

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mylifestarts Jan 02, 10:01 AM

First time I saw this kind of move and watched how SPI and SUNW spiking. Stuffs added to my knowledge account.

RobertRiggs Jun 10, 3:46 PM

I have seen supernovas like this. These are what we look for. "Aint no need for choppiness". Thanks for the lessons Tim.

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