So many lessons learned losing money, Important thing is I took the time off to go back and review Tim's lessons. Coming back hard this time starting with today’s SPLI win. Thanks Tim! Best lesson ever: "Know HOW to lose"

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$11,761 profit SPLI Long Stock

Entry comments: WAY off of its #wolfpack pumped up highs of 40 cents, nice afternoon breakout above mid-day resistance at .064, technical support at .05 so I'm risking a penny or so, upside is 10 cents/share so nice potential gain if I'm right that tomorrow is bounce day, othr weed stocks like ERBB have gone green, VERY small position $-wise though for me since this is speculative, learn my 7-step rules, possible #5 pattern

Exit comments: Got a nearly 50% winner from my buy alert basically just holding overnight, PERFECT gap up play, maybe it goes more, but I'm happy with my profits, congrats to everyone, be sure to lock in profits though, great video lesson coming

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Moneypig Apr 16, 14 10:19 AM

By the description, Textbook Trading sounds like the most comprehensive pennystock guide for a newbie, on the other hand, I have seen numerous references to Part Deux so........thinking......

timothysykes Apr 17, 14 7:42 AM

@PeeOn no $SPLI wasn't at .096 after my alert, stop lying, watch the video lesson...I really hate liars

PeeOn Apr 17, 14 10:58 AM

timothysykes: That's where it was on Suretrader and that's why I didn't make entry.

ckclarke Apr 21, 14 10:17 PM

More like this one please, perfect for both small and large accounts. This is the first one I was able to nail

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