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htrinh Oct 05, 20 8:26 PM

Thanks Huddie

Kingsalini Oct 07, 20 6:51 PM

Appreciate you my G you've been right on time for me more than once #TheSquidad BEST TEAM MOVING!!

Hillbilly Oct 08, 20 11:16 AM

Wow! Fantastic explanation of how to be a successful trader! I appreciate how you identify the differences between how traders might think and how you think personally. I love the description of what you are specifically paying attention to at different times, it helps those of us learning the process! THANK YOU!

mitnick2 Jan 09, 2:19 AM

A lot of great and useful information. Thanks Huddie. Looking for more webbies from you.

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CrazyWillows May 18, 19 6:29 PM

Great webinar @TimLento always pick up some great detail I miss... Key takeaway was analysing former runners and stocks that have run pulling back and breaking out further..

KDJourney May 20, 19 1:07 PM

Thank you, Tim. Great information on former runners.

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Christian3886 Nov 14, 20 1:14 PM

Thanks Mark. One question if you happen to see this. Looking at that first red candle around April 12th on PRPO, am I reading that candle wrong by thinking it gapped up early and then failed? If I did read that right, wouldn't one initially think this is an FGD due to the gap up? What confirmation do you need to realize that this is the beginning of an actual FGD if my theory on April 12th is correct?

Kpow2020 Jan 10, 2:48 PM

Definitely makes sense. Prioritize MDR's over all other setups as they have the most opportunities.

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