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ZiggysMom Aug 02, 18 10:54 AM

Noting if morning lows don't hold that is a risky hold. That day 3 is a risky hold. Know your stocks and don't get stuck in stocks that are dead. Volatile stocks only. Midday is less predictable and more choppy, be cautious. Focus on current % gainers and look back to see if it was a recent runner. When the momentum isn't there, stay away. Let a stock absorb the sellers, especially mornings, and see if it can hold its key levels. You need a plan for each and every trade.

BetterTraderJax Aug 05, 18 8:34 PM

Realistic and reasonable targets and volume needs to be strong. Thanks Mark.

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TonyG1 May 26, 19 7:27 PM

Thanks Mark. Good lesson!

JonathanIParra Jun 08, 19 9:52 PM

Thanks mark i will be meticulous with my position size and play it conservatively , great breakout play on the bounce and you buy the dip and take the meat of the move goodd lesson mark

DoesItFloat Oct 09, 19 4:31 AM

good lesson Mark. Trade the stocks that have proven they can run in the past. These stocks can be heavily shorted, so the chance for a bounce in great.

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