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ZiggysMom Apr 17, 11:25 AM

Noting to watch morning runners for EOD runs, ignore stocks with insignificant volume, volitle stocks only, look at the long term chart, don't force anything. Focus on former runners, spiking on volume

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Flockstock Feb 20, 17 2:14 PM

Nice review of support levels that hold or not hold ... Bio techs are a hot sector now .. Retest key support.. There are more dip buyers and stock may make new highs .. MOMO buyers prop it up for a potential financing is a possibility too ... Don't play guessing games .. If you don't know what stock will do just stay out ...

STicker Feb 25, 17 10:56 PM

Thank you Mark for your wonderful webinars! Wondering if your trading style has changed, regarding taking risk, as you now have a full family? @markcroock

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