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AngelTrades Mar 25, 17 10:39 PM

@Bryan3121 I got it on Amazon the link is in the description now (: it's by Andrew Aziz

AngelTrades Mar 26, 17 5:35 PM

@viticoinf87 No unfortunately he's not:/ but his book has got high reviews on Amazon. And it's a quick read I'm almost done with it:)

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huperauxano Feb 26, 17 2:02 PM

Put in a LIMIT order not a MARKET order - where you can specify exact number instead of letting brokerage houses screw you on the spread. Welcome to the party!

JWStocktrading Feb 26, 17 6:33 PM

Great video! So funny hearing your story. I've got caught up the same ways lol. Don't do market orders. LIMITs ONLY

Deep Feb 26, 17 8:08 PM

good luck man you got yourself a new follower :)

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Dolly500 Feb 23, 17 6:14 PM

nice very - reminds me of the limit vs market...but i made a rookie mistake when i put in the limit price and the ticker price went down and BOOM over paid today for NAK...holding it and waiting for spike..

R1tch4rd Feb 23, 17 10:11 PM

Still love your patience trying things out and going slowly. Keep it going!

novastox Feb 24, 17 4:43 PM

@R1tch4rd I really appreciate it. I really want to use the Robinhood accnt to learn how to control my emotions when real money is on the line

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BarbaJR88 Feb 22, 17 1:58 PM

I got caught buying into a wall but cut losses quickly thanks to the teachings of sykes

Evan1196 Feb 22, 17 2:47 PM

@timothysykes, I noticed this 2 days ago and been playing both on the way up and down. Just listening to your vids trained my mind to see it, thanks tim

Evan1196 Feb 22, 17 2:53 PM

@timothysykes also thanks for replying in the middle of nowhere! Hope your trip stays awesome

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