-$98 loss MRAI Long Stock

Entry comments: Speculative buy here on this recent runner as CXAI is popping big despite the ugly overall market, let's see if this can get some momentum, goal is to sell in the .90s, if no followup spike, cut losses quick but worth a shot given how much it ran recently

Exit comments: I'm out for small losses, the overall market and AI sector keep fading so I tried t be patient but the bounce just doesn't look to be there today so rule #1 cut losses quickly...small losses are part of the game and acceptable, remember http://tim.ly/clq always!

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Genesis_Trades Apr 25, 11:40 AM

That video will forever be funny and reckless

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Reminder HYMC breakout failed, it's a piece of shit and a waste of time, everyone give Jackaroo shit because he made me miss the BBAI breakout as I had to explain his BS play

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