Daily recap here: https://tim.ly/2B3lcls $8k for me, playing wayyyy too safely on $ALYI , but congrats to everyone, how'd everyone finish up today?

JTRoberts Jun 25, 11:21 PM

I hesitated on first run up. Got in at .008 on second, once it broke through. Held through dip back .007 and ended up selling at .012 for a $489 profit and loving it! Really enjoying, and appreciating, all of your lessons in . I'm gonna have to earn my way into the challenge. Hopefully sooner than later! Thanks for all Tim!

JTRoberts Jun 25, 11:25 PM

So, I thought I messed up and left out PennySing Silver, so I tried to correct, but I see it will not allow me to write that out for some reason

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