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RouxBourbon Sep 12, 18 11:42 PM

Great video Huddie. So much in here, I watched it like 3 times tonight. I liked the intro where you touched on your beginning, the struggle etc. thanks for that. It was cool seeing you go over CVSI when it was practically a sub penny stock. Thanks for touching on your loss. That helps man. Too much to speak on in one comment. Thanks bro.

finnigen Oct 12, 18 2:01 PM

You are awesome!!!

ZachR Oct 15, 18 12:08 AM

Fantastic review Thanks Huddie

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JoseReina Feb 12, 18 9:17 AM

@SAndrews yeah anything above 50mbs is better but fiber is another level, not available in my area.

JoseReina Feb 12, 18 9:17 AM

@MZM the software is amazing, you got to find what best for you.

StevieW Feb 12, 18 9:19 AM

@JoseReina @SAndrews This is exactly why I went away from STT and got a subscription with EquityFeed. Much more reliable software. The reason why your software panics is simply because it is trying to feed so much data that it's like your computer is trying to drink it through a firehose. The "its new software, we're working on it" excuse that we always hear is not the case. The infrastructure that feeds the data to your computer doesn't feed it well to your computer and therefore your computer

StevieW Feb 12, 18 9:21 AM

@JoseReina @SAndrews Message me and I will give you a referral discount and a 2wk trial free if you want it since Im already a subscriber.

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Wow I came back from a meeting to see KODK what a move! How much did everyone make?

JoseReina Jan 09, 18 3:38 PM

My frist trade KODK bought 1000 at 4.10 sold in the 4.25 only a 135 dollar profits, i take it. Compare to what it just did, next opportunities will be better

dmar82 Jan 09, 18 11:52 PM

missed it, was with patients....

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