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GT500 Oct 14, 17 10:47 AM

Ty for sharing, but at what point are you buying? At that b/o or in or are you buying few days after ER in expectation that b/o will happen later? Ty.

cwood Oct 15, 17 6:17 PM

@GT500 the "E" on the chart indicates the earnings announcement, so you can see how many days it takes to break out. Entry depends on risk and price action, each play is different

Cbthomas Dec 25, 17 4:14 PM

good job keep it up.

papajohn Jan 27, 18 10:04 PM

This is great and aligns very well with my current strategy. I will have to investigate this further.

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Bryan3121 Feb 24, 17 3:17 PM

0.20 cents a share doesn't pay for the commission.

ftmanglona Feb 24, 17 7:52 PM

with an account being $500. You can make money on it. I wrote a blog about my $SINO trade, i spent $260 for 100 shares and turned those 100 shares into $100. With a $500 account, you HAVE to wait for the PERFECT setup. Wait for an earnings report/contract winner to come out and overnight it if it holds intraday/multiday support.

ftmanglona Feb 24, 17 7:54 PM

I also made another $100 off 100 shares of $TOPS. With the exact same setup. So it is possible to grow a $500 account.

petwyt1218 Feb 26, 17 4:10 PM

I use just 500 dollars per trade because I'm still new but I use Robinhood because commisions would kill me. My average trade winning trade is a little over 8% so over 40 dollars, but still. I'd recommend you use Robinhood for now.

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[TimAlerts] lol of course now DELT breaks out after i sold for a small loss on the fakeout

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