blackbox Aug 04, 16 3:58 PM

Nice how AMRN bounced back on that drop. Impressed!

NA95 Aug 04, 16 5:27 PM

@easymoney Yes, But $3.30 looks like it is a very strong resistance level as well.

Nasulaiman Feb 26, 20 10:44 AM

How can you upload your TradeZero trades? they said to me I can't upload them to profitly

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marzsec20 Jul 25, 16 2:07 PM

Understandable. Simply trying to diffuse the negativity with a bit of humor. Nothing is full proof. Theres a lesson in this post as well, having to do with emotion conttrol haha. Jokes aside, lets finish this ManicMonday on a positive note! $Happy Hunting$ @timothysykes

banyan Jul 25, 16 2:28 PM

Tim, the issue has been resolved. Michael worked on it and sent me a link I can get into with https:// in front of it. I cannot get in through the dashboard as I always had been because it was not in the dashboard link anymore.

banyan Jul 25, 16 2:30 PM

Also, I do appreciate how hard you and your team works, I really do. It got very frustrating at 9:00am when I could not get in and was looking for ideas today.

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