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Speedy237 Oct 25, 17 11:23 PM

I’m right with ya I bought the exact top of $BONT on the morning spike and got shaken out by the price action for a 250 loss. I’m a newbie too just 6 weeks or so in. At this point it’s just about learning. Make a mistake figure out why, LEARN

Torkers Oct 26, 17 2:49 AM

@D5Candyman its hard! but you will get there!! You can also scale down your buy so that you get the emotional side of the trade with a small pos =)

D5Candyman Oct 26, 17 3:37 AM

@Torkers Thank You! That bit of advice really helps. I know the keys to all Our Success are to continue to Study Lessons & DVD's, Study our trades, learn and most important....Don't Quit!

D5Candyman Oct 26, 17 3:40 AM

Just desire to declare: is an excellent trading community. Thank you to everyone who shares through supportive comments.

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