@kroyrunner Your % edge a year and a half ago was 33%, it's now 66%. So you've been trading with about a 140% edge for the past 1 1/2 years! Your winning % has actually gone down to around 65% now so your risk/reward has to have gone from about 1:1 to nearly 3:1! Are you just using a tighter risk now, what'd you change? It's obv. working!

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Alqasem354 Mar 03, 19 12:12 AM

from college grad soon to be bartender to best penny stock trader in the world

Lakhjhajj Mar 11, 19 4:35 PM

Congratulations Tim! Well deserved new milestone

Tin2Trading Mar 19, 19 12:24 AM

hi you use stop loss?

AnneMarita Feb 02, 20 11:32 PM

In couple of short months Tim will cross the big one...$10 M and that's quite an incredible achievement. I have huge respect for someone who continues trading instead of trying to pull money out of the desperate newbies, like so many today. However, after trading nearly 3 years, I must say that Tim's only video "Trading Tickers", is really what taught me how to trade. So, it really doesn't take a lot of teaching, just a lot of practice and spread sheets.

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