For anyone who has question for me please leave down to this comment. i will included in the dvd. i want make it as detail as possible.

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Kerry57 Mar 30, 17 6:27 PM

Dux, I have difficulty seeing the difference between consolidation and weakness. So I'd like to understand how you spot weakness (for shorting) on stocks that are spiking or have been running for days. I.E. consolidation vs overextended. Thank you!

Redblood Apr 07, 17 3:39 AM

Hi dux, I`d like to know if there are any particular stocks that you buy/short, whether you favor a specific industry. Also, what was your biggest trading mistake or a trade that you have ommitted that you wish you had bought or shorted it so far? Why didn`t you buy or shorted it? And what would you have done differently or which indicators would you look at if you were in the same situation to decide whether the stock is worth buying/shorting or just leave it be and look for other stocks to pla

Lukaac Apr 10, 17 8:29 AM

Showing your spreadsheets

dashing Jun 07, 17 4:25 PM

Hi DUX, could you share some of your actual notes that you took when you studied Tim's dvds. Would be very interesting to see what you actually wrote down vs what I wrote down, because I know I took notes on all the dvds but my results have been very different :)

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[TimAlerts] I believe Tim's final analysis was that $URRE is NOT a good short because Trump's tweets could move it, and it is a tough market to short in.


[TimAlerts] 10-year chart had it on a downtrend at that price $AMS. I'd wait to see how it opens before taking position.

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[TimAlerts] I shorted $ETRM and $CUR tonight. For a while there I was -$500 on $ETRM. If they would've called back my shares, I would've lost 10% of my initial investment. Or if it would've really spiked, I could've owed thousands. Not safe.

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