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RChen Sep 10, 20 3:10 AM

I did not trade. Thank you for your post your Watchlist. i will watch close those stocks tomorrow.

Androo Sep 10, 20 8:07 AM

@elpaisa701 ideal entry would be if it perks to $5-5.10 but then starts getting weak and holding under vwap on low volume

wbern4688 Sep 10, 20 8:22 AM

thanks for posting i have not developed a short strategy yet i keep following along with these trades and learning all the time good work

Windwalzer Sep 10, 20 1:29 PM

Thank you for sharing, it's very helpful.

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elpaisa701 Sep 09, 20 12:09 AM

Nice picks, was wondering if you pick them only on technical analysis or also some fundamental?

Luke_Fenwick Sep 09, 20 10:48 AM

@elpaisa701 thank you for the question, I make my picks mostly off technical analysis and what sector they are in. I haven't found any real correlation or patterns involving fundamental analysis. Also, fundamental analysis is very time consuming, most of these companies tell the same optimistic story of potential but their balance sheets/inc statements/ cash flow statements are a wreck.

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