@Turbobob Bob, any luck in taking a few screenshots of your desktop to see how your brokerage and STT accounts are set up? Would be helpful to see what screens you look at/are up to see how you track and trade your stocks. Thanks!

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@RolandWolf Hello, I too am eager to learn how you prepare for plays. Could you do a video or explain your process each night of researching and preparing for plays?This would help a lot of us tremendously, Thanks.

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Chen Aug 18, 17 5:19 PM

that would be his best video by far!

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@Turbobob have been following you for a few months now. Thanks for the watchlists, videos, and commentary! It's been helpful. Quick question, was wondering if you have a blog post 1) outlining how you compile your watchlist 2) how you drop (or add) a new stock to the watchlist and why they get dropped. If you could give an outline of your process, that would be helpful. Thanks!

zirajTrades Jul 14, 17 9:44 PM

@Turbobob - also interested on seeing on your future videos on how you select stocks using STT or other tools you use that will make it to your watch list. I'm also using STT and I'm scanning during pre-market for plays especially momo plays. Still playing on STT to find a combination for the screener to scan for possible breakout before or after market hours. As always, appreciate any tips that you can provide.

Turbobob Jul 14, 17 10:16 PM

I'll try to put something together on what goes into my thinking for charts on the WL.

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