start2go Aug 22, 17 9:46 AM

Personally i would be cautious in trading in any stocks that may have associations with your company or your own company stock as it runs the very thin line of insider trading. Just my thought and by no means am I well versed in SEC violations or guidelines, just think better to be safe than sorry.

juliansol Aug 22, 17 10:12 AM

Thabks for replying. Yeah, that would really suck if i cant trade just because i work for them

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lettucewrap Aug 17, 17 11:07 PM

I would consider it chasing. 10% gain is value is a enough for it to reverse soon.

Rollingball Aug 18, 17 6:32 AM

Yeah, that could be considered chasing, but you need to look at all variables involved. Has it gone supernova before? What does level 2 look like? How fast is it moving? What does the chart look like? Where's the next resistance level? Other indicators?

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StephenR Jul 09, 17 6:49 AM

@Torkers Trading this setup is still a little new to me but if a stock is trading above the sma(200) on a 5-minute chart, breaks an RSI of 60, and crosses above all three SuperTrend resistance levels I'm going to take the trade because the stock is clearly in a strong uptrend. When the MFI hits/nears 90 or the price touches/crosses the Upper Bollinger Band (20,3) I exit the trade. As for this trade, the stock was still below an RSI of 80 so it had a little more room to run. I generally try no

StephenR Jul 09, 17 6:52 AM

@Torkers I generally try not to take a trade unless I believe I can make about $1000 on it but sometimes that doesn't always pan out. I actually should have been in this trade at .60 but I was having platform issues. If you look at $THLD on a 5-minute chart it is pretty much the same setup.

Torkers Jul 09, 17 9:52 AM

Okey - im far from an expert so I was just curious to see your response! But this totally make sense - GL on your journey!! Study hard! =)

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juliansol Jul 03, 17 1:57 AM

@HUGO_BOSS But how did you do it though? What are the things that you watch?

TradeWell2019 Jul 03, 17 11:34 AM

most of it is common sense for me but ive learned key things from tim sykes and his top student tim grittani

huperauxano Jul 03, 17 6:06 PM

Pennystocking Part Deux has Tim's 7-part setups that he refers to often: #5 pattern, #6 pattern, etc.

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