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jusnorm44 Nov 05, 20 4:56 PM

@dddunson1 Hey Donna, i'm New to trading and wanted to know how to actually cut a 'loss' quickly with ameritrade.

jusnorm44 Nov 05, 20 4:58 PM

hey charles are you both new students as well?

dddunson1 Nov 05, 20 6:17 PM

@jusnorm44 Ameritrade is great. All you have to do is put a limit sell order to get out of the trade when it doesn't go your way.

jusnorm44 Dec 14, 20 10:23 AM

@MrLongevity today it paper made $3200 but im using TD Ameritrade. trying to use STT but cannot find ahlf these tickers om STT

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