@Jules Hi Jules, I've just signed up to Trade Ideas to see which scans could help. Are you able to share which scans you focus on (from the channels or have you customised your own)? Thank you! Also, do you use a separate platform for charting/L2 etc? for example StocksToTrade or EquityFeed?

Jules Nov 05, 16 8:57 AM

@kopboy Finding your niche - you can watch a series of Ross Cameron Warrior Traders on Youtube for free. He has great videos on Gapper, momentum trades, and reversals. Perhaps one of those will work for you

Jules Nov 05, 16 8:59 AM

@kopboy I use Trade Ideas in the morning for gappers, then around the reversal time 10 am. I start to look at FINVIZ highest % gainers to see if there are any reversals I wish to trade. It also has amazing scanning abilities in that Scanner section. YOu can use filters and then sort like for RSI and such

Jules Nov 05, 16 9:01 AM

With trade ideas, I do use many pre programed as they are great. Why fix whats not broken. When you do your free one hour session. They will provide you with more window. Then you can play yourseld. I did find that TI does not have great training for this at present so your kinda on your own

kopboy Nov 07, 16 8:10 AM

That's great, thank you Jules. I had the 1-1 session on Friday with Jamie who helped me a lot and discussed a 'range breakout' strategy that is his favourite. I'll take everything you said on board. I'll wach the Ross Cameron videos today -hopefully I'll find my niche very soon after some experimenting.

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