@kroyrunner Congratulations!!! $6million+ So Amazing!!

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Torino13 Jun 07, 18 8:41 AM

Amazing trade Congrats!!

novalaz Sep 26, 18 9:14 AM

#Amazing Mind blowing waht trading can do for your life if you learn/study and apply it

Ford41 Sep 30, 18 5:59 PM

Watched you presentation today on live streaming video. Any chance I can get a copy of your slides?

bahamastrader123 Jan 01, 19 6:58 PM

Tim ... I think it's time for Trading Tickers II DVD ... I'm sure you have a whole lot more you have learnt and I'm ready to buy part 2 please look into creating one. Also when you create it .. do what you always do .. let us sit with you and watch you live even it's it's for 40mins we need that. Thanks.

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FitGirl Jul 25, 18 12:09 PM

@Happycamper I have watched all of the DVD's and find trading tickers and spikeability the most helpful for what I am working on. I have been trading since April, live, but this month has been brutal with my college courses, so just paper trading as I have zero focus and do not want to lose by forcing a trade.

FitGirl Jul 25, 18 12:12 PM

@sampahtrader just saw your post, the way I watch for big movers (before they move) is by using volume scans. Michael Goode, though boring, explains these in depth in a few of the webinars that he has done. They don't necessarily move the first day of volume, but it is a good indicator as long as they are low float.

HappyMoni Oct 01, 18 11:27 AM

@FitGirl Congratulations in your trade today!. When you talk about Michael Goode Webinars do you remember which one so I can watch it. I need to improve my strategies :) thank you !

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