@tradesbyh just became a fully transparent trader today! Transparency is a key component to accepting mistakes and learning from them :) Take responsibility and change the bad habits!!!

tradesbyH Feb 04, 22 8:27 AM

okay. im back. this time armed with what i learned the past year. not there yet though haha but armed with better habits and better mindset. please do not jinx :D

tradesbyH Feb 04, 22 8:44 AM

definitely zoning in on one or 2 patterns now, ABCDs on 1st green day is now something i understand better than any pattern, also tracking set-up number 2, wish me luck :)

tradesbyH Feb 11, 22 9:30 AM

definitely seeing more of green this time as compared to when i first started :) this already, is a win in my book. small wins, progress to the next level in a pace youre capable of but remember, only you can motivate or demotivate yourself. You got this!!!!!

tradesbyH Feb 26, 22 8:44 AM

the profit chart seems to be creating a lower low haha but this time it seems i lost less than 2021, seems that there is something being done better this time around.

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