@taylorbunes just became a fully transparent trader today!

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zoomlemon Feb 10, 10:15 AM

@CosmicCornucopia thanks for the kind word on Friday. Was going to give you some karma, but I stepped away from my laptop after I wrote that message (about the loss). Just wanted to say, thank you, and let you know your words are valued. I've always appreciated you in chat. Good luck out there:)

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ATXTrader Jun 03, 12:35 PM

good points in this post. I'm gonna listen and apply to myself. thanks for spending the time to post.

Aceyducey56 Sep 17, 1:22 PM

Congratulations - a great achievement indeed.

Azeem Oct 31, 5:50 PM

thanks bro for this advice . this changed my trading game forever . thanks so so so so much!

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speeddemon Jan 17, 17 6:11 AM

Thanks! Going to give it a shot today

zoomlemon Nov 15, 20 5:10 PM

hey digital! do you or does anyone know where to find the float on etrade pro? ive searched everywhere i can think of and online; ive had no luck.

StarSedz Nov 15, 20 7:50 PM

@zoomlemon I was not able to find it either. What I do is get the float from Finviz, it's really fast. From there add a "Note" section on the watchlist and type it there.

zoomlemon Nov 16, 20 2:53 AM

@StarSedz Great idea! I'll have to do that. Dont think it exists on etrade. Thanks man:)

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