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AlaskaGrizzly Mar 07, 18 11:57 PM

3 good components- 1-Good chart set up, former runner 2- There is a catalyst 3- Good volume! Thanks Mark!!!!!!!!!!!

March Mar 10, 18 12:20 PM

thanks Mark, great webinar, CVC!

ZiggysMom Apr 19, 18 10:51 AM

Noting to watch the market environment, unless there is definitive volume or an amazing catalyst Do Not buy stocks near all time lows, Chart - Volume - Catalyst, turn off the noise

01_Eugene_Flores_Orlando May 13, 18 1:56 PM

when theirs not great setups or plays the best plays is to sit on your hands CVC is what you are looking for another perfect webinar Mark you and all the crew are the glue that makes it a great place to learn and prosper

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TonyG1 Jun 22, 4:03 PM

Solid Video Lesson! tks Mark!

wildwes Jul 22, 6:39 PM

Thanks Mark great video tons of good info

MoonShot Jul 25, 1:45 PM

Thanks Mark, good video lesson

CrazyWillows Oct 05, 11:13 AM

Always make sure a stock proves itself for an hour or two, no need to be there for the morning spike. When a stock flushes at the close it could signal and of the run and open the opportunity to for shorting into a spike with longterm resistance. Brilliant lesson @markcroock thanks Tim for sharing.

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