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dumbtrades Apr 22, 20 11:45 AM

learn so much about bull flags and using ctrl f on sec filings awesome stuff and you are funny @TimLento

TimLento Apr 22, 20 5:28 PM

Trade Review, How do you find news?, What is Level 1, 2, and 3?, SPEX dilution example, ASTC flag pattern example, CYDY otc panic and bounce example, What does series A, B, C, D, etc. convertible stock mean?

AaronofYarmouth Jun 25, 20 3:33 AM

thanks, the on demand review was very helpful.

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playintheodds Jul 15, 20 9:33 PM

Good stuff! AKER was a COVID19 and has a press release on progress with whatever it is they do, the important part is that it is in a hot sector and had a catalyst. NEVER CHASE, if you miss a play it's all good, study in the meanwhile till the next opportunity arises.

amercer1965 Sep 20, 20 2:58 PM

Excellent leson. I like the short and sweet info in compact lessons... I absorb it better than a lot of lessons that run on due to the length. I listen to both, but this hists it hard and fast like a supernova;-D

2TheMoon Feb 13, 3:42 AM

"Don't worry about catching exact top." Yes, agreed. Tooooo many friends today are risking too much cause of insane market!

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March Mar 10, 18 11:20 AM

thanks Mark, great webinar, CVC!

ZiggysMom Apr 19, 18 10:51 AM

Noting to watch the market environment, unless there is definitive volume or an amazing catalyst Do Not buy stocks near all time lows, Chart - Volume - Catalyst, turn off the noise

Eugene01Lion May 13, 18 1:56 PM

when theirs not great setups or plays the best plays is to sit on your hands CVC is what you are looking for another perfect webinar Mark you and all the crew are the glue that makes it a great place to learn and prosper

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