Short on $CLNT. Shorted at 5.40, waiting to see if it breaks the new support level of £5.0. With enough volume I think it should crack. But it might end up being another lesson learned if not.

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Carmelites May 10, 17 12:24 PM

Wow Tim I most you is not B.s. This is my first time so I went and purchase zpass at 2.08 and still holding on am at 2.95. $175.00 is my earnings I know is not much but am still learning. Should I hold to it hit $3.60 ?I don't feel alone thank you tim.

SniperTrader94 May 10, 17 1:36 PM

$CLNT, $EMMS and also $ARRY where all very good plays today. I'm up $100 and up $357 in 3 days with a $500 account. Could double my account day after tomorrow if I keep it up.

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Teyrex May 09, 17 11:49 AM

You're awesome Tim! I wish I could have played this stock first thing but I was focused on a shitty trade I was in yesterday that I was trying to minimize losses. looking back I could have played both in theory and been up on CLNT to make up for my small loss on MNDK but my personal limit was just focusing on one trade first thing. I couldn't risk a loss on both if they both tanked. I will be ready for the next one! Thanks for all your lessons ant tips!! You're awesome.

Carmelites May 09, 17 7:38 PM

New into the stock game I haven't put my all in the past with people telling me how bad and how you don't gain but now studying and learning more everything is really coming clear to me and am just willing to keep learning everything is gonna be worth it am just sit back and learn more I mean am just a begin. But you been right about all your picks. Is great to be apart of your team Guys.

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jerrynd03 Apr 26, 17 2:11 PM

Thank you coach for sharing

JerseyJoe Apr 26, 17 4:51 PM

I don't understand why AOXY was a topic here? I just joined so I might not know the kinds of stocks played, but after D/D that thing is junk. (Only learned after caught holding the bag for lack of D/D) Do we do research here before trading or do we just jump in on patterns? Need to know how to play the game. Thanks

BigBobby Apr 26, 17 7:56 PM

@JerseyJoe a majority of the community plays hot stocks under $10. They fundamentals don't mean shit here, it's all hype and technical.

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$0 loss CLNT Long Stock

Entry comments: CHART trade examp;e 2/3 day rest pattern....personal stop loss 4ema area and personal target high 5's or 6's of it works

Exit comments: stopped out flat

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Flockstock Apr 16, 17 2:53 PM

Higher lows through afternoon fade areas .. It might spike the next day .. Better if former runner that spiked in past ... However if go Redon the day this is no buy signal .. RESPECT PRICE ACTION AND HISTORY

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