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culturasia Oct 06, 9:45 AM

Hi, noob here. Pls refer video at 9min:22s GHSI. 1). Was it good/bad to re-enter around 10:15pm, breakout above 70c? 2). What should we do if we were to enter only after breakout at 73c @10:40pm and it went down to near 71c near 11pm? 3). What is the reason to wait until 14:50pm after breakout at 75c? Many thanks! CT

RPhTrader Oct 07, 8:58 PM

Thanks Tim! Watching your videos really puts the charts together for me in terms of trades. I also appreciate how you go over the simple things about the website that newbies wouldn't figure out on their own.

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JRF Oct 10, 11:35 PM

Thank You Tim. Trade around your life and continue testing and refining.

ibrahimaagne19 Nov 09, 2:23 PM

Thank you Tim, i will prep with patterns and lok out for dipbuys beg and late day, and i will be looking out for possibility of oversold priceaction for boilerrooms to make it bounce somewhere

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JonathanIParra Oct 12, 9:06 PM

nice loss on a dip buy, it's not an exact science but when the plan goes against you , you cut losses quickly as here but you did nail it the next day ! yes i understand

ibrahimaagne19 Nov 09, 5:02 PM

got it, i'll prepare paterns and avoid choppiness, i'll also trade the strengths and squeezes, odd gains over time

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