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playintheodds Jul 15, 20 11:27 PM

Buy the rumor sell the news. A stock that is up PM with no news may not be able to hold its gains intraday. Must be the perfect setup. Supernovas need news that will entice other traders to buy.

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BowserjrFan02 Sep 14, 20 3:33 PM

Tim: "My apologies in advance for this 25-minute video..." > Spends the first minute saying "REALLY". Lol Tim you're funny man xD, thanks for another video lesson.

bdries Oct 03, 20 8:02 AM

Watched thanks

Matthew46 Oct 31, 20 6:26 PM

Thank You Tim! Got IT and still Learning and Study Study!!!!!

Edw1n Jan 19, 9:55 PM

nice video

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Holdmytexan Aug 22, 20 8:04 PM

Thanks for the lessons boss I really like the live trades and explanations of the why's!

dumbtrades Oct 06, 20 2:28 AM

stocks closing near their highs and also when you get partial fills when a stock is up is a good determining factor that it can spike the next day with good volume if it does not do what you want just simply get out and cut losses quickly

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[SuperAlerts] NAKD took a few $1.43 on pullback quick mover & merging with 100 mill $$$ co.

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