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mkmeyer293 Jan 07, 5:23 PM

Great commentary - appreciate any and all informational videos whether before, during, after hours etc. - all great - I pick up something new almost every time 👍

MrMierrorphant Jan 13, 9:12 AM

Absolutely love these videos, and the fact you get them out to us before open is balls! 🙏

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STicker Feb 25, 17 7:27 PM

Thank you TB. @Juanfriesen because you can get hit by ANY price. The MM (market maker) can give you any from the bid/ask, and you lean towards a greater risk of either having a bigger loss or a smaller profit. Thats why, ALWAYS use limit orders! Hope That could help you! Cheers

olsko Jun 20, 17 6:51 PM

Great commentary on tickers; OWCP, CNBX, $ONCS, CNAB, AERH, $AMD, BLPH, $CYH, EYEG, MBOT, GLBX, AMMJ, KBSF, $EXAS, $AMD, CC, $CYH, $EXEL, $GRPN, $HIMX, $OCLR, $INAP and all the weed stocks overall sector; Good thoughts on ticker leader of hot sector; Appreciate the different trade plans of swing trades and day trades; Honest commentary on short sellers and the short squeezing theory lol; Appreciate the insights of when to use a day trade and swing trade 52W hod areas for those PDT;

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[TimAlerts] like if CBDS breaks $9 the others will follow.... OWCP could break $0.80 and MCIG could break $0.40 as well be good to keep an eye on them

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