$1,120 profit RAS Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this lower priced spiker having a first big green day, its run multiple days before, very speculative small position, goal is to make 10% on the probable overnight gap up/morning spike

Exit comments: Sold this other one a bunch in multiple blocks afterhours as its hitting my goals and I need to focus on WATT as its got more potential

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Too many earnings winners ever day, had to narrow it down to around $5 or lower today: $UNT $BBG EVDY $CRIS $BV $CLF $GERN $RAS $EXEL $DNR $KERX

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EBickford1 Mar 02, 16 2:00 PM

I have been tracking $GERN since their press release prior to the market opening. Good jump. Unsure if it will push beyond $2.83.

cwood Mar 02, 16 2:11 PM

@EBickford1 could really run if it gets that breakout tho.. nice short %. same with $BBG @ $4

cwood Mar 03, 16 12:18 PM

@EBickford1 Did you end up taking any $BBG long on the $4 breakout? I'm still holding from 3.90s

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