$1,650 profit SMRT Long Stock

Entry comments: Former runner spiking on news with Amazon https://tim.ly/2Huh1zi goal is to make quick 10-20%

Exit comments: Whewwww, this one moves fast so I'm not chancing, taking my single as it didnt spike as much as I thought it would, always good to remember former runners that are spiking on big volume and a seemingly solid catalyst like this one

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MCathcart May 21, 10:12 AM

Bought SMRT at $1.21. Sold at $1.35. Nice little gain!

tai4two May 22, 4:27 PM

Thank you for sharing.

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MiaPlateau Mar 31, 1:36 AM

• 1st Green Day constitutes: Big Green Bar, huge increase over regular volume and breaking key level. • When company reports earnings winner in mid-day or afternoon hours it blurs out what the price action could take as short get frightened, worse so if the earnings is mediocre.

KStanger Apr 11, 5:02 PM

Stick to the patterns you're best at!!!

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CBlumenthal Feb 11, 10:14 AM

I am realizing this shit is real

MiaPlateau Mar 31, 9:39 PM

• Reaction is more important than the numbers in earnings winner. • Dips heading back to unchanged levels should be taken with precaution especially if it didn’t hold its gains. • Spiking 4th and onward should be taken precautionary.

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Hi Roland, I was going to ask Grittani in Chat room, but this was the play you used to grow your small account (still speaking of "First" Green Day). If you don't have time to respond- no worries- I'm just vocalizing my understandings, and thought you might confirm/clarify: Looking at ticker $SMRT, we see a mix of some green and red days, leading into today's (let's assume it holds and gives us a strong upward trend closing near HOD) big green day. In this case, this does not seem to be as strong of a chart pattern for buying "FGD" to hold O/N for next day morning spike (compared to $NVIV), because it is already so extended beyond previous lows. Would you say $NVIV is a nice chart pattern because it is coming up from such lows, whereas $SMRT is less impressive (not as great of a play) because it's been going up since mid March (<-- THAT first green day would have been a good play)? I realize this is all hypothetical, and having a catalyst would be ideal, but am I correct in seeing $NVIV as the stronger play of the two ($SMRT)?

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