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CrazyWillows Jan 12, 1:33 PM

Thanks @timothysykes I realized something so crucial on this lesson.. Buy the dip after the spike!!! Vital entry to help avoid chasing the spike...

piscott0306 Jan 15, 11:12 AM

Video watched. Muchas Gracias Tim.

CBlumenthal Feb 11, 10:14 AM

I am realizing this shit is real

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Hi Roland, I was going to ask Grittani in Chat room, but this was the play you used to grow your small account (still speaking of "First" Green Day). If you don't have time to respond- no worries- I'm just vocalizing my understandings, and thought you might confirm/clarify: Looking at ticker $SMRT, we see a mix of some green and red days, leading into today's (let's assume it holds and gives us a strong upward trend closing near HOD) big green day. In this case, this does not seem to be as strong of a chart pattern for buying "FGD" to hold O/N for next day morning spike (compared to $NVIV), because it is already so extended beyond previous lows. Would you say $NVIV is a nice chart pattern because it is coming up from such lows, whereas $SMRT is less impressive (not as great of a play) because it's been going up since mid March (<-- THAT first green day would have been a good play)? I realize this is all hypothetical, and having a catalyst would be ideal, but am I correct in seeing $NVIV as the stronger play of the two ($SMRT)?

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($105.61) Loss $SEED Long Entry: $1.326 @ 1000 Bought at pull back. Exit: $1.24 - I had the opportunity to sell @ $1.37 but same as yesterday my computer hanged up so i was not able to sell right away. When my computer is back it was falling. I have to cut losses. It takes time to master execution, thanks for the blessing from the market i had this experience. I will make it next time. This is the best time frame to trade, i will do it. My thesis on $SMRT was right as well but i choose the SEED. To go up the staircase you have to begin with one step, you don't have to see the whose staircase.

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