$1,650 profit SMRT Long Stock

Entry comments: Former runner spiking on news with Amazon https://tim.ly/2Huh1zi goal is to make quick 10-20%

Exit comments: Whewwww, this one moves fast so I'm not chancing, taking my single as it didnt spike as much as I thought it would, always good to remember former runners that are spiking on big volume and a seemingly solid catalyst like this one

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MCathcart May 21, 10:12 AM

Bought SMRT at $1.21. Sold at $1.35. Nice little gain!

tai4two May 22, 4:27 PM

Thank you for sharing.

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MichaelPuett Jun 16, 8:53 PM

speculative. (and I really wanted to say it). I say that since you have to adapt + test constantly.

SebiSebo Jul 10, 7:18 AM

Disciplined ! Thank you Tim

JonathanIParra Aug 19, 5:55 PM

thanks tim you always stay discipline and stick your trading plan no matter what . i learned that from you and stick what works hell yeah

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MiaPlateau Mar 31, 9:39 PM

• Reaction is more important than the numbers in earnings winner. • Dips heading back to unchanged levels should be taken with precaution especially if it didn’t hold its gains. • Spiking 4th and onward should be taken precautionary.

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