-$150 loss TCCO Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bough this earnings winner that spiked into the 7s earlier, wanted to dip buy bigger position into bigger panic in the 4s, but seems to be holding the low 5s well, goal is to make 10-20% bounce, small position since its speculative

Exit comments: No bounce so I cut losses quickly, small losses are fine

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VeryBigMoney Dec 10, 19 3:20 PM

Tim do you use calculation of float rotations in your trades? Thanks.

growthwithcourage Dec 10, 19 7:02 PM

Thank you for being a great example of using risk/reward ratio of 3:1 (ref. 13 Orientation Notes). Looks like you were going for a 10% gain but cut losses at around 3% ($5.22) stoploss.

Bmann Dec 10, 19 8:10 PM

I was in the first time I tried to test VWAP And got shaken out. I wasn’t far off from big wins but these low floats are so gnarly.

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kondash4 Dec 10, 19 10:07 AM

Thanks Tim! Just took 85 cents/share on $TCCO. Appreciate all the help!

emilvisser Dec 10, 19 12:12 PM

Thanks Tim awesome call $TCCO, big % mover after your predicted squeeze. Great watchlist.

tommy888g Dec 10, 19 12:55 PM

Nice. I watched PTI yesterday for morning dipbuy... After breaking some rules on my first trade last Thursday 10000s on BNGO lost 5% I studied and watching right now.

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MAParm47A Aug 07, 18 11:07 AM

Traded this am with my stock picks in the green $307. So exciting. Thx Tim!

MAParm47A Aug 07, 18 11:31 AM

So excited...until I realized my sell order did not go through, lessened learned verify the sell order! Oh and deduct cost of transactions. Real amount $230

AshWild Aug 07, 18 2:53 PM

Is this the live trade webinar chat?

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-$80 loss TCCO Long Stock

Entry comments: I just got a partial position on this dip buy of a probable earnings winner...nasty spread so I got it on the bid, goal is to make 40-80 cents/share on the bounce as this one has been known to run

Exit comments: No bounce off that morning dip so I'm exiting with small losses...that's fine, as you saw Friday, the bounces on this pattern can be HUGE so when it doesn't happen you just play it safe and exit with small gains/losses

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Soozep Aug 06, 18 11:49 AM

would love to have seen the chart with the explanation above!

abadle Aug 06, 18 3:52 PM

@timothysykes so $luna and $uuu were bad investments? (not that i did) but just trying to see if i am on the rite page

abadle Aug 06, 18 3:53 PM

@timothysykesalso tcco bad?

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