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Windwalzer Apr 06, 20 1:42 PM

I watched this live and am glad to be able to watch it again and pickup all the small bits of information which is important for trading well. Thank you very much.

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josetenorio Mar 24, 20 8:19 PM

Good lesson and good advice's on this Corona Virus, some people just don't get it or don't want to get it.

dumbtrades May 18, 20 4:57 AM

its a process i need to be around to see what i can do two three years into the future its a marathon not a sprint. Need to understand the patterns in and out in order to tak advantage

tmtNick May 16, 10:04 PM

"I NEVER wanna participate in a trade where i can never be confident enough to go big" This is the one. VERY accurate.

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