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Jasrai May 30, 18 1:34 AM

how big was your first account size ?

papajohn May 30, 18 6:30 PM

@Jasrai I started with about $12.5k, and added another $11k after I lost about half that initial amount.

richesndreams Aug 04, 18 8:40 AM

Thank you for this post. I have locked myself into a money-losing pattern. Hard to break stupid, bad habits. This post encourages me to stay focused on what DOES work. Thank you again.

NFlash Aug 20, 18 4:39 PM

GREAT article!! It sincerely was just the inspiration that I needed! Sorry to ask but if you don't mind, would you mind sharing a template of your excel file? Thank you! NFlash,

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andreffael Feb 03, 18 11:53 PM

TDAmeritrade , 7$ flat rate on any order, so 14$ per trade, free (great) software and no minimum

Andika Feb 04, 18 7:14 AM

I would agree, trade zero is nice with low commissions. Software is expensive though, especially if you're using OTC Markets L2 feature, I use it for $94/month. For commission for stocks under $1 its actually only .005/share. Another broker I'm currently using with a bit higher commission is Alliance Trader Software can be free with a minimum trade term. Commission is $4.95/trade up to 400shares/trade.

pollo120 Feb 04, 18 8:30 AM

@andrewfael td ameritrade don't admit foreign brokers

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