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kjs3980 Nov 26, 16 9:08 PM

Congratulations, I am also a beginner& losing 400 dollars now and I am very impressed by what you said in Timothy Sykes' video. You will be a millionaire.

krs1 Nov 26, 16 9:23 PM

@kjs3980 thanks :) ... keep studying... I was down 500 something because I wanted to get my feet wet in the beginning (which I think a lot of us do)... I started profiting after studying a lot and trying different strategies. It's something I believe we can all accomplish...just takes time, patience, a lot of study and perserverance. Best of luck to you!

Slayer Nov 28, 16 3:12 PM

Thanx for sharing. Great reminder to have a plan before executing & to stick to the rules.

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[TimChallenge] I had a terrible day money wise. I failed to get out of $GSL after it high it's high of 3.19 and held on and hoped for it to come back. I got greedy and blew it. Got to learn to get a grip on my emotions.

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