@lx21 Who is this? You make more than Tim? why havent i ever heard of you?

Ironman7 Feb 08, 16 12:14 AM

@OmArLiVeS that Greg. This guy is an awsome trader hes on tims HTMM DVD. Good presentation and smart guy. He knows what hes doing.

Philli Feb 10, 16 2:45 PM

What was your trading account at start?

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@AirplaneJane Do you primarily go long or short?

AirplaneJane Jan 30, 16 1:28 PM

@Ironman7 I usually go in the direction of momentum for the day. it took me a while to learn how to read level two and understand the psychology of the movement and what causes it to happen. so I try not to wish for movement but go with the momentum that has already started. of course when a chart looks over extended either with buying or selling you pretty much know there will be a reversal coming. I try not to be too much ahead of that reversal.

Ironman7 Feb 02, 16 7:45 AM

How long have you been trading If you dont mind m asking. Im trying to get the psychology of trading now. Its kinda tough but im getting the hang of it.

AirplaneJane Feb 02, 16 10:27 AM

I began value trading around 2010. I got into Penny stocks Aug 2013 with American Airlines bankruptcy and turned 25k into 250k. Now I'm trying to perfect day trading to be able to make over $100k in the next year and keep going to a million. Day by Day I'm getting better with studying and practice and following rules.

Ironman7 Feb 02, 16 2:22 PM

Nice thats awsome. I only started 10 months ago but i and having some consistancy, I just have to keep myself disiplined and understand that i dont have to catch every move that happens. Iv learned that the more i trade the higher my chances of loosing so I just stick with a couple of patterns i like that have proven them selves to me. My goal is to make $50k after iv dug myself out of the hole I got into when i first started trading. I really hope you make and reach your goal.

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