PrepareToTrade can I be so freakin stupid and stubborn. stupid entries premarket. Didn't take profits, didn't stick to stops. OCG 145 shares lost $127 sold at the bottom. At that point should have had stop just under 6, but just had to cut. ATNF 530 shares $320 loss....With two stupid trades, I have not funds for good trades, as I wanted to buy SQFT at the 5 support at the open. I'm going to use a 5% trailing stop on all listed trades for a while. Just trying to create some accountability by embarrassment. I wish it was easier to put my fidelity trades in Profitly.

Pafad11 Feb 18, 21 4:18 PM

I hear you. From my original investment I go up and down every other day just about even.

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Saw your chat message about the 6.95 gets me every time. Been looking for a better OTC broker with lower fees. Asked a similar question to Tim earlier in the webinar.

StefanSchwarz13 Aug 26, 20 5:22 PM

Hope all of that helps. Sorry for the many responses!!

PrepareToTrade Sep 02, 20 10:25 AM

Just a few penny's from my experience. I've traded 3 foreign stocks (5 letters ending in F) and one had $75 fee.

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