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LizLele Jun 30, 12:32 AM

I shorted both of these. I used to buy stocks to go long when they were under premarket highs, never again. The stock has to stay above premarket high to prove itself. Also the daily charts were shit from what I remember.

GILLIN Jun 30, 6:47 AM

Amazing how $CHNR and APVO we’re almost similar chart patterns. Wow, too bad you are still under PDT. (I am too). You could have really profited well on this setup. You did a great job here recapping and I could feel your emotion (and pain) of not being able to profit on this setup. Great lesson and thanks for sharing David!

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CA2K7 Apr 17, 11:05 PM

Trading with a very small amount of money might do the trick. Start with a few hundred bucks. There's more emotion to it. Once you've gotten comfortable with that, then you can start trading with your bigger account.

buythebuy Apr 18, 7:14 AM

It was hard to transition from paper trades to real money. For one my paper account has delayed quotes. Secondly, there is the emotional aspects of it. I don't watch paper money as close as I do my own money. Sometimes I over watch my real money and I get analysis paralysis. The only time I use paper accounts now is to test strategies before I put real money on the line. It is just a tool to learn with, but nothing is like the real thing.

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