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Tone Apr 08, 12:21 AM

Getting this under control quickly seems to be a differentiator between those that progress fairly quickly and those (like me) that struggle for a while at the beginning. Working on having a mentality where taking small losses is necessary is crucial.

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dave1388 Jan 10, 8:50 AM

thank you! definitely have to make a video on finding warrants please :-)

GreyKnight Jan 10, 11:07 PM

@Greenspan see and search for Titan Medical, check their Aug 7 filing (TSX: TDM). 7,679,574 units sold at $2.50 each with one share and one warrant to convert at $3.20 on Aug 10th... hence why stock crapped out at this time. Well researched @Huddie! You are a legend!

canudropit2 Jan 21, 7:52 AM

Great to hear your thoughts on your watchlist plays...very thorough

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