Received 230 Karmas
hutchstock Oct 18, 7:09 AM

Thanks Mason. Very insightful post. Congratulations on your well deserved success.

kennyitor Oct 18, 9:24 AM

WOW!!! Well done, well written and very well appreciated. And you are 21??? Will definitely follow you!!!! Well done.

Zaleucus Oct 18, 10:18 AM

"if I get enough requests, I will consider future blog posts delving deeper into the specifics of the patterns I trade and may even consider doing some video lessons. But that is all going to depend on demand, so if you’d like me to contribute more content, please like this post and leave a comment below mentioning what you’d like me to discuss." Please consider this a request to do the above, thanks in advance - continued success to you.

ScottB Oct 18, 12:05 PM

Excellent. I have one question. I’ve been studying since Jan amd have taken scrupulous notes. I remember seeing somewhere about 1st Green Day’s, but can’t find reference in my notes, all the vids from Tim S, the book, etc. Can you help?

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Hey Hagen where are you from. I don't see to many people with last name Lambright. My last name as well.

MBrandt Sep 10, 7:24 PM

Saw your comment about wishing you had p/m scanners on TOS. I got my p/m scanner settings from a guy on youtube who uses TOS, Ricky Gueterez (spelling? ) and it works great.

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