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LegalPimp Feb 28, 17 11:32 PM

i am recording on think or swim when i made this video but i use etrade pro when i trading.

LegalPimp Feb 28, 17 11:33 PM

glad y'all liked the video. a little embarrassed to admit such stupid mistakes but that how we learn. thanks for watching.

TimeFliesBuy Mar 01, 17 12:10 AM

Congrats on not being RED, good video

Kerry57 Mar 01, 17 7:20 AM

Nice #5 pattern video--good information for those of us with smaller accounts under PDT who also cannot short OTC stocks. Thanks!

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jdavidfreeman Feb 23, 17 8:40 PM

Bob, great video! Could you explain to me how you knew to alert yourself when it hit a certain price? How did you pick that price?

Turbobob Feb 23, 17 10:35 PM

In the video, I talk about $7.20 being the break out level for the stock and how it attempted to break above that level several times. I have around 100 stocks on watch with alerts. When the alert goes off, I look at the chart to see if it is a trade. If not, I put the alert back on and wait for another day. Back in February 2, the alert went off and I saw that the chart was strong so I went long. So I pick the price usually at the break out point for alerts. If I something in the morning

ALWStudyGreen May 26, 17 2:37 AM

Bob, you mention in this video about using RSP to invest, can you help me to have a better understand how it works. The reason why I am asking because my RSP fund is not making money

Turbobob May 26, 17 9:00 AM

It is a "self-directed RSP". Most banks and brokerage firms have them.

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