[TimAlerts] I learned my lesson from EURI when emailers were tryin to pump it up. I held for 3 days and over the weekend. Never again.


[TimAlerts] me too bud. I've been watching CLOW since it was .18. just couldn't pull the trigger on no news or anything


@kroyrunner Mind if I pick your brain for a min. Trying to understand something. $SVFC had over 9M in volume today yet next to zero movement. Now I understand that 9M in shares on a .0003 stock doesn't add up to a lot of cash but I would have thought there would have been some movement. Your thoughts? And thanks beforehand.

kroyrunner Jan 13, 16 6:25 PM

you're right to think in terms of dollar volume, it isn't a lot of cash at all so that's why no movement. also consider how many shares of stock are outstanding. over 1.5 BILLION shares. so 9 mil shares hardly would make a dent or cause a move, hell 100 mil probably wouldn't even do much

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