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zaraza Apr 17, 18 3:04 PM

singles Thank you Tim

ZiggysMom Jul 26, 18 11:32 AM

Noting singles are what will grow the account. Reward yourself. Liquidity is volume. Volatility is how much the stock moves. Study the past. Practice, take it trade by trade. You will get better over time.

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LittleRed Jul 24, 1:28 PM

This video was way too amusing. You should make more video lessons on your haters haha. I wonder if steve watched this. He should either become a student or make a rebuttal video so we can all enjoy it. Unfortunately for Steve, there wont be any good comebacks.

Edna Aug 29, 1:13 PM

thank you Tim

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WaterSGT May 16, 17 9:38 PM

It's ok to be in cash!

gofast May 17, 17 2:55 AM

Than you Tim, it's nice to know that it happens to the best of us sometimes. I've done the same thing too many times recently (not cut my losses quick enough), and I think I've finally learned my lesson. Thanks for this great video!

3applesparks May 17, 17 2:58 AM

it's ok to be in cash + cut loss quickly

Hagen Oct 02, 18 9:32 PM

Cash is a position.

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pitocouk May 07, 17 10:22 AM

thank again good sunday lesson for me

Torkers May 07, 17 11:29 AM

This is one of your best webinars @timothysykes - not because there was any news here but just because you repeated alot of the things that is so important in the stock market! Thank you !

healthyprofits8 May 07, 17 4:31 PM

Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind. — Bruce Lee (adapt)

FWhite4 May 10, 17 2:52 PM

Thank you for doing this Tim

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quent456 Jul 14, 9:26 AM

i understand the indicators seeing these over and over is really helping repetition is truly the secret! don't let the haters get to you your doing good work in the world

SebiSebo Jul 16, 4:38 PM

I understand the indicators

Sandman Jul 23, 5:15 PM

I understand the indicators, but need to work on timing and entries. Working harder

Edna Aug 22, 12:51 AM

I understand this indicators

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