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Dtorres69 Jun 27, 17 12:46 PM

Thanks, hope you are better

STicker Aug 10, 17 12:18 PM

Thank you for sharing, all the best from Europe!

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Pete714 Apr 25, 17 5:51 PM

Great video, thank you!

ThePhoenix Apr 26, 17 5:14 PM

Nice video, thanks for sharing! Quick question, so do you trade the 5 min setup all through the day? or do you switch to 1 min too?

Turbobob Apr 26, 17 6:22 PM

Generally I just use the 5 minute chart. If it is really volatile I will use the 1 minute within th econtext of the 5 minute

TraderJackson May 23, 17 9:51 PM

Really like how you use the 5 and 15. We follow so many stocks from day to day and have to move on the fly. I find myself going back and looking at the 5 and 10 day charts. So the 5 and 15 provide a good frame of reference. Thanks for the tip.

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BigDog Apr 16, 17 10:52 PM

solid list man, thank you

Turbobob Apr 16, 17 10:53 PM

Mime just comes.from the program I am running so I don't check it. But your calculation is right. Short interest divided by average volume. It is not an exact science. But if the number is large and the catalyst is there then expect a big short squeeze....

Torkers Apr 17, 17 3:34 AM

solid work as always bob!

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going to start make a dvd soon. that will answer all the questions. Thank you=]

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HIMMENY Mar 24, 17 10:07 AM

yess! thank you for giving back

HIMMENY Mar 24, 17 10:07 AM

not saying you havent given back lol just thanks for everything man

hardcharger Apr 21, 17 9:42 AM

Hi Dux! Im watching your video with Sykes from April 8. You are SUCH a cool, intelligent guy, man!! I LOVE how you are waiting to surprise your family before telling them about your success!!

hardcharger Apr 21, 17 9:44 AM

Really admire you man... You're so humble. You're english is GREAT and I love how you explain things SLOWLY. I'm newer and have no experience before March. You make it very easy to understand. Thank you for sharing and Congratulations!!

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bmp003 Mar 22, 17 3:41 PM

I have been watching VRAY the past two days and had created the same resistance level at 7.30 but did not trust my gut to go through with the trade. So I just watched it climb to new highs today...rookie move on my part

Turbobob Mar 22, 17 3:53 PM

Happens... especially in these curren tmarkets as break outs have been getting stuffed as soon as they go. I buy the break out and if it fails, sell immediately.

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