+16 Bought GTII at 1.88: waited for the morning spike to finish and dip bought on a strong stock with good news in a good sector. Exit: sold off 2.02 as it looked toppy and level 2 was turning, now i need to go to sleep, good trade, small position. ill see how things look when i get up for 2 and the power hour.... Stock continued down and turned out i sold at the best time, good trade

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BobbyQuenzel Dec 04, 22 9:09 PM

Thank you for the webinar Tim, a lot learned and will take into my trading, have to learn and adapt to become a millionaire trader/Tim Sykes Trading Challenge student. I believe it's "more slippery." I am not an English professor though so not too sure.

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LeeHunt Nov 02, 22 6:50 PM

Thanks Tim!Great as always ! Dream big ,work your ass off to get it!!!

Chris6488 Nov 14, 22 12:25 PM

Thank you Tim, great webinar.

RobertRiggs Nov 22, 22 9:24 AM

Trade small to stay in the game and wait for the opportunity to size up. Optimizing my spreadsheets in this market. Thanks for the webinar Tim.

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