@BrokeandPoor Was just checking in on you after the other day's chat. Hoping you were doing ok. Wanted to encourage you not to give up. You were one of the first on $PTI other day. Just keep going man. Don't let what anyone says stop you. Only thing that matters is what you say to yourself, not what anyone else says.

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1asfricksrs Mar 15, 2:58 PM

I couldn't agree more...things can get loud in chat and it really isn't an attack upon any one individual. What matters is your journey, do not give up on this - keep it rolling - look forward to seeing you and learning from you!

BrokeandPoor Mar 15, 3:40 PM

Thanks. I'm sure someone will delete these posts too.

1asfricksrs Mar 15, 3:55 PM

Nahh, won't happen...this is the point where you roll your sleeves up and focus in the goals of your journey here...all the other is just white noise...even if it comes from a guru...they do not intend to crush spirits - only insight the hard work it takes to succeed!!!

3Miah Mar 16, 9:07 AM

Bro, use the criticism to push yourself to succeed. Clearly you are new as most of us are and asked questions some didn't like. Keep in mind they were new at one point as well and asked the same questions. Study your ass off and keep going, you have plenty of support here as we are all helping each other out. Prove to Sykes you deserve that name cause that would be the coolest shit ever, I am rooting for you!

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Shorted $PTI at $6.75. Will hold until end of day. Should have went long at $6.30 when stock turned from red to greed intraday. Will btc around $6.30

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Dmoney1913 Mar 13, 9:31 AM

Thanks Tim Sykes! But I can't trade today, TD Ameritrade flag my account as a day trade so im trying to transfer my money over Etrade right now.

DeanHiser Mar 13, 10:43 AM

Thanks again, Brother & thanks again for the inspirational video. Keep blessing people. Love ya man.

saiyan429 Mar 13, 6:29 PM

really productive for me thanks!

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In $PTI 1000 @ $5.77 out 1000 at $6.26, little break out, next point of resistance is $7.94 Paper Trade Profit $490. This is a late morning spiker

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